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Geoff Wayatt Profile

11 Jan 2014 - Valley to Peak - Aspiring via iconic SW Ridge.

GW - 27 Aoraki ascents in 47 year career
25 Nov 2013: Geoff completed another guiding assignment on Mt. Cook last Sat (23rd Nov.)in excellent weather and conditions.
23 Nov2013

20 Dec2012: Midnight start w/Joe M. Snow-shoed across the Gnd. Plateau. Good cramponing in Linda Gl. with crevasses starting to open. At base of Summit rocks by 7.30. The "East Face" line through the Summit Rocks went well in 2 pitches topping out at 9.30am. 250m to go. A couple of pitches up slick sustrugi ice we short-roped to the Summit by 11am. Nine pitches and 3 abseils later we returned to the Linda IceShelf at 3.00 as the forecast wind picked to gale force. Post-hole snow 

13 Nov 2012. Another gruelling ascent in surprisingly cold temps and significant snow quantities drifted into the Ice Shelf from the SE.  Chris M. and Geoff made steady progress through to the Linda Glacier after leaving Plateau hut at 1am. summating at 12noon and returning by 8pm.

5th Nov 2012: Geoff climbed Mt Cook (now 3754m) for the 24th time w/Philip Somerville in testing conditions with the summit rocks covered by powder snow. They completed the climb in 19hrs. darkness and snowstorm.

Nov/Dec 2012:   3 ascents in 6wks ...........Totalling:26 ascents in 46 yrs

Ctr:"85 in 65" - Geoff Aspiring Summit, SW Ridge guiding ascent Nov 30th 2011


Professional Mountain Guiding since 1966.
Licenced Mtn. Guide:Mt.Aspiring National Park since 1974; Mt.Cook Nat.Park.since 1984
Member: Canadian Avalanche Assoc. 1990-2011; Labour Dept Construction Blasting Ticket
1966 – 05 Feb. 2012: 87 Ascents, Mt. Aspiring (15 via SW ridge)
1967 - 25 Nov 2013: 27 Ascents, Mt. Cook
1966 - 2011: 10 ascents, Minarets (3034m)
1967: Guided World renowned Photographer Brian Brake
1972: Member: Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance (Cert.)
1970 - 1973: Avalanche/Snow Controller, Granduc Mines BC, Canada
1971: 1st ascent East Face, Nevado Huascaran, 6760m,
1973 - 2009: Officer/Instructor, Canadian Armed Forces (Reserves),
FOUNDER & DIRECTOR of Mountain Recreation, Professional Mountaineers. MtnRec is a licenced alpine guiding concessionaire in Mt. Aspiring and Mt. Cook National Parks. MountainRec is the oldest, privately owned Mountaineering School in N.Z. (Established in 1973)
1975: NZ Himalayan Exp to Mt Jannu, 25,250ft (Ref:NZAJ '76)
1979 - 2012: Police Search Advisor to NZ Police
1982: 1st. Ski Descent of Mount Cook,Nov.15 (NZAJ '83)
1988-89, Supervisor, Skiing Louise Snow Safety Programme Development.
1991: "Last Ascent" old East Face, Cook - 7 days before the face avalanched and summit lowered 10 metres (Art.Chch Press,ODT)
1994: Freelance writer/photographer to Adventure, Wilderness, Wild (Aust), Rock & Ice(US); Out There(Aust); Mtn Bike (US) magazines
1994 - Dec 03: 1st Ski Descent, Mt Tutoko with Chris Wayatt (Son) in 3-15 hour days. (Ref: NZAJ 1995 & Powder Mag.) (see Geoff's Mountain photos)
1995:Mt. Cook - Guided ascent, Chris Ineson, CEO of NZ Sports Foundation
1995: Formed Heli-ski Guiding Operation to service film crews & charter
1996: Mt. Cook, Grand Traverse, guided ascent, (N.Z.A.J - 1996), Mt. Cook, Zurbriggen's Ridge, guided ascent
Nov 96 SAR Field Controller/Team Leader, heli-winch rescue, Therma Glacier.
Dec: Mt Cook Grand Traverse w client/Neil Robinson(50)
Dec95-Feb '96: 4 Mt. Aspiring guiding ascents; incl: Beryl Wayatt's 1st ascent & GW's 47th ascent
Climbing Courses: 24 days instruction
1995-98: Director, MtnRec. Heli-Ski Guiding operation
1999/2002/03/04/06/07: Nepal - 27 day Trek/Climbing Exps to Everest region
2001 - Writer, NZ Mountain Safety Council - Alpine Manual
 2006: 22nd ascent, Mt. Cook -Includes: 3 Grand Traverses of Aoraki/Mt. Cook
Feb 2004,05,06: 3 day Mt Sefton climbs
Feb 2006    Guided ascent of Classic Climb/North Ridge, Mt. Sefton
Feb 2008    82nd ascent of Aspiring via NW Buttress w/ 3 clients
1979-2011  NZ LandSAR Advisor to NZ Police
2011  -  3x Guided ascents of SW ridge, Aspiring in year w/4clients.
Dec 2011   GW's 10th Ascent of Minarets
Feb 2012    87th ascent, Aspiring, NW Buttress w/3 clients.
Oct 2012 - 8th ascent, Eli de Beaumont
05 Nov 2012/ 24th ascent, Aoraki/Mt. Cook & 15 Nov 2012 - 25th ascent;20 Dec.26th Ascent

Geoff,Tasman Saddle hut Dec2012  DB skied six glaciers in 5 days  w/GW in Dec2012

Geoff on "blazing saddles" Hopkins Valley bike/climb exp Jan.2012

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