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Taping my Ankles for Performance

GW has just purchased a pair of La Sportiva Trango's (1200gms) and worn them on two recent climbs on Aspiring and Cook. Concerned about the extensive cramponing on Cook last week I pre-taped my ankles to gain more rigidity within the lightweight boots. I'd previously done this on a GT and it again worked very well.  Note: the closed cell foam in the laces to give warmth and waterproofness.

POSTCARD from the Ledge
No waste of paste -
A cut-off toothbrush & tube seen at Plateau hut

Plateau hut Loo - Nov 2012    ph:Geoff W

watch out for the "Loos with a View" Essay/Book?

GW Mt Cook summit portraits

Nov 15 1982                                                       05 Nov 2012  (24 in 46 @ 66)

Hawea Conservation Area -NEW day trips from Wanaka.
Pakituhi Hut (2-1/2hrs) Breast Peak (4hrs)
The track starts 3klm north of Johns creek and zig-zags up steep gully to low saddle. A long narrow spur with steep drop-offs and brilliant views leads to the skyline ridge and Pakituhi hut (sleeps 8). The views from ridgeline and Breast Peak are spectacular, including Mt. Aspiring.

A recent review of Surveyor Thompson's naming of Aspiring (3028m)from Mt. Grandview has questioned. "Did he actually think Aeolus(2284m) in the Wilkin valley was Aspiring. See what you think?

                                    aspiring                                                aoelus

Corner Peak
The track starts 100m past Timaru Creek through some manuka bush to a sidling 4whl track for a klm or so. A poled route leads up steep grassed tussocks to the ridge at 1100m (approx. 2hrs from road). A pleasant ridge walk leads to peak 1410m. with spectacular views of Corner Peak, Lake Hawea and Hunter valley. (1/2hr)

Corner Peak from Peak 1410m (L.hawea to left and hunter valley to right)

Mountain Photo Gallery page: Geoffs Photos

M.M.   The Worlds most celebrated rockclimber?

If you are interested in custom colour enlargements for your office wall, email Geoff for cost details or low res. scans.

Have a an energetic summer and may the high pressures be with you,
Geoff & Beryl W

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